Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Brief Skim

A very quick blog entry today... So much going on, so little time!
Pretty good week, actually, all things considered. It has rained more or less constantly, which always helps the writing cause. I find rainy days to be perfect for contemplating life and all its many twists. Yesterday, I started a story that has filled me with hope. No one else might ever like a word of it but I'm loving every minute spent slaving over it. Don't you just love when that happens?
Also found time this week for a great James Taylor concert, and this morning I was interviewed by the wonderful poet/songwriter, Cliff Wedgebury, on Cork's CUH-FM. We talked about (and listened to) music, and we discussed my new collection, 'In Too Deep', as well as writing in general. A surprisingly enjoyable experience, actually...
Finally, tomorrow I'm off to Dublin to catch one of my childhood heroes, Bruce Springsteen. He will be rocking the RDS and I'll be there to swallow every syllable of his gospel.
This has been just a brief skim of a nice week. I'll delve a little deeper just as soon as I get a minute to spare.

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