Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Too Deep

Yesterday morning at 11 a.m., at The South County pub in Douglas, my new book, 'In Too Deep', published by Mercier Press, was launched onto an unsuspecting (and probably uncaring) world. We had a nice little get-together, very informal, tea and scones for a crowd of about twenty (mostly press), losts of pictures taken and hands shaken.
Thank God it's over...
Actually, even though I've had some copies for the past few weeks, it is only now beginning to feel real. The book came out really well, and I'm thrilled with it. Now, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. The local papers were all in attendance at the press launch, so hopefully I will get some much needed publicity, but other than that, I suppose it's just a matter of sitting back and waiting for some (hopefully good) reviews to appear.
In a strange way, I feel a little detached from it all. 'In Too Deep', as far as I am concerned, was done and dusted six months or so ago. Now, I'm already neck-deep in other things, other stories desperate to be written.
So, if anyone feels like buying a copy (PLEASE DO!!!), the book should be available from all good bookshops. Alternatively, and with the absolute minimum of fuss, you can get it from Amazon:

Happy reading!


  1. Oh, congrats Billy! How cool. I'll buy it. Tea and scones sounds so civilised. Launches are sooooo stressful, aren't they? Everyone thinks you should be on top of the world - I usually just want to run home and hide.

    Can I recommend that you, or Mercier, send your book to Tania Hershman at the Short Review to be reviewed?
    It's online and they specialise in reviewing short fiction collections. I review for them.

    Ny next collection 'Nude' is being launched at the Frank O'COnnor Fest in Cork on Sep 18th. Maybe see you there?

  2. Just bought your new book from the Mercier site. Free delivery in Ireland - yay!
    I'll flag it on my blog though that may take a while as I've just had a new baby and have v little time for anything like writing/blogging etc.
    Congrats again!

  3. Thanks for the comments, Nuala (and thank you for putting in the order - I hope you'll enjoy the read...)
    I'll certainly get onto Mercier about sending the book off to the Short Review. I really do appreciate the advice.
    September 18th for the launch of your next collection? Fantastic! I'll certainly go along and I hope we'll get to chat a little bit. All the best with it.
    Oh, and big congratulations to you on the new baby!

  4. Hi Billy
    i'm v awol. got yr book - have only managed to read 1 story. vg - the 1st one. v poignant. sorry am 1 hand typing with baby on my lap...
    it'll be great to meet you in Cork!