Monday, May 18, 2009

These Days There Are So Many Overused Terms

These days, the word 'genius' gets bandied about like pickled eggs on a Jolly Boys' Beano. As an overused term, it may not be quite up there with that other promiscuous moniker, 'legend', but it's not far behind.
These days, it gets rolled out like a drumbeat for almost anyone who is able to convert an idea into a spendable unit of currency. Ronaldo (the less-than-Brazilian one) is a 'genius' with a football; existentialist-chef, Heston Blumenthal, is a 'genius' at charging exorbitant rates to egotists for a bit of seasoned roadkill; and Simon Cowell (yes, even Simon Cowell, who seems to think it is profound to wear a sweater with no shirt!!!) is a 'genius' at telling people they can't sing, or they can't dance or they look bloody awful, thereby turning an old Kit Kat advert into a multinational career.
Okay, I'm overdoing it, I know. Deep breaths, try for a bit of perspective.
Luckily for me, these days the answer to everything is just a few tapped keys and a mouse click away. In less time than it takes to spell A, a google search turned up this little pearl of clarity:

These days, 'Genius', according to Websters' (very convenient) online dictionary, is defined as an 'extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity'.

No mention of Eureka! Unless, of course, that famous/infamous shout is these days more accurately represented by the ringing of cash register bells. Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised. There was a time (allegedly) when gravity made the world go 'round. Then love came along and had a go. Now it's money's turn ...

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